Database description

The „Karštos pėdos” applies a unique methodology for analysis, which has not been used in any Lithuanian database: combining data from declarations of interest of public persons and data related to the use of public finances.

Datasets that have been used:

  • - Declarations of interest filled in by politicians and high-ranking civil servants. They provide information on the shares, employment relationships, transactions, etc. in which these persons are involved.
  • -  Public procurement statistics. The Public Procurement Office regularly updates information on concluded public procurement contracts and their amendments. The Parliament (Seimas), ministries, government, municipalities - the entire public sector provides information on how public finances are used.
  • - EU funding data. Information on which legal entities have received the EU funding for their projects is publicly available. This funding is worth billions of euros in Lithuania.

The database currently includes data obtained from over 1,500 declarations of interest, over 200,000 public procurement contracts and their amendments worth more than € 94 billion euros, and about 22,800 EU-funded projects with a total value of more than € 2.7 billion euros. The database will be periodically updated with new publicly available data.

How it works

The „Karštos pėdos“ combines three datasets. The data analysis and visualisation platform makes it possible to analyse all of this public but separated data at an unprecedented scale and speed. The „Karštos pėdos“ makes it possible to quickly identify various cases of potentially vague use of state or EU funds, such as:

  • - Politicians' relations with companies that are winning public procurement or receiving EU funding;
  • - The financing of businesses belonging to the relatives of politicians through public sources supervised or managed by the same politicians;
  • - Dominance of one or more companies in terms of the public procurement contracts concluded with a particular contracting authority.

Who can benefit from it?

The shortest answer is: everyone. The „Karštos pėdos“ website is a transparency tool for journalists, activists, law enforcement agencies, anti-corruption professionals, and ultimately all active citizens. Access to the database is open and free for all. If you use the information found in the „Karštos pėdos“ in your work, please indicate the source.

This is not a court

We emphasize that the results of the data analysis generated and visualised by the „Karštos pėdos“ do not imply conflicts of interest, corruption, or other unlawful acts. This database is primarily a tool for a public finance analysis, as it helps identify signs of questionable use of national and EU public funds. We strongly suggest you to further analyse the data found on the „Karštos pėdos“ and verify them with primary sources: declarations of interest, public procurement contracts, and the EU funding databases.