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Welcome to the „Karštos pėdos“ (Hot Feet), the most comprehensive public database in Lithuania! It is providing quick and easy insights into how politicians, high-ranking civil servants, and business are interconnected. The „Karštos pėdos“ also visualises how national and EU funds are used.

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More about initiative "Karštos Pėdos"

What does it offer

The database allows you to check links between politicians, business, and public finances with a few clicks. The „Karštos pėdos“ is powered by the Linkurious platform, which enables analysis of a large volume of data and creation of uncluttered visualisations. With this tool, you will be able to analyse data obtained from declarations of interest and databases related to public procurement and distribution of the EU funds, visualize them in a simple way, and use the generated visualisations in your work. We believe that the „Karštos pėdos“ will contribute to the transparency of public finances and the prevention of corruption, and help address potential or existing conflicts of interest.

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The „Karštos pėdos“ contains data from declarations of interest filled in by politicians and high-ranking civil servants, public procurement statistics, and data on the use of the EU funds in Lithuania. The database currently includes data obtained from:

Over 1,500 declarations of interest.

Over 200,000 public procurement contracts worth more than € 94 billion euros.

About 22,800 EU-funded projects with a total value of more than € 2.7 billion euros.

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How does it work?

Data analysis, which would require a few hours or days for a well-versed person to complete, is facilitated by the „Karštos pėdos“ and takes just a few clicks. The database has not been adapted for easy use on mobile devices yet. While we are working on the necessary solution, we kindly recommend you to use the „Karštos pėdos“ website on your computer.

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Follow the trail

The „Karštos pėdos“ is not an automatic detective. It is a tool that allows everyone to check relevant activities of their elected politicians and the use of public finances. Examining the use of billions of state and EU funds has never been so easy. Let's get started!